Graduates, we bet you’re feeling the pressure of landing a first job in your desired field, especially in our seemingly intolerant job market where quality jobs demand experience. Did you know that 53% of all young college graduates in America are either unemployed or grossly underemployed, according to The Economic Collapse? We won’t stand for talent gone wasted and neither should you. We’re confident that, together, we can beat the statistics and get educated young people in career jobs. Through our informal ad hoc program, we’ve successfully transitioned hundreds of millennials into the workforce.


But because more and more fresh grads are taking low-wage jobs, we feel passionate about building a formal campaign that will allow us to affect more people. Career Reform’s not-for-profit organization, Be Your Own Hero, is officially launching “Adopt A Grad” to help our young population begin their career journeys in industries that will develop their skill sets and make use of their unique talents. Because our small-shop employment and human capital consulting firm, APA Solutions, has built long-standing partnerships with growth-oriented companies over the years and commits to filling permanent placements only, we are in a unique position to create mutually beneficial relationships between employers and millennials.


Our direct-hire specialties include: administrative, accounting / finance, construction, customer service, human resources, inside / outside sales, IT / technical, management, manufacturing / engineering, marketing /advertising, not-for-profit, and project management.



Graduates who sign up will receive a 3-month student membership, which includes:


  1. 30-minute coaching session with an Executive Recruiter / Career Reformist

  2. Exclusive representation to over 500 companies in Western New York

  3. Access to our robust online Career Reform Boot Camp course which covers:


  • BONUS: Career Behavioral Assessment

  • Job Search Planning and Career Strategy

  • Resume, Cover Letter and Communication Toolkit

  • Interviewing and Job Application Techniques

  • Professional Branding and social Media Training

Become An "Adopted Grad"


Matt wrote us a lengthy testimonial about his experience with Career Reform’s “Adopt a Grad” program. Before completing our robust course, we connected Matt with one our best clients, where he was able to establish a career direction that fulfilled him.


















Another crucial part of the program is the resume and cover letter workshops. Jean and her team work with many companies on a daily basis, and they see countless resumes and cover letters. The experience and knowledge they have is priceless. Not only do they see resumes of people applying for jobs, but they also speak directly with the people reviewing the resumes and doing real-world hiring. This knowledge and help that they offer can be the difference between getting an interview and getting passed by. Jean taught me that a resume and cover letter are the key to get in the door and will give you the opportunity to truly shine when a recruiter meets you in person. Career Services can help with a resume, but the experience and one-on-one help that Career Reform offers is unmatched.


One of the final aspects of the program is the interviewing experience. Jean taught me what questions the employers will ask and more importantly how to answer them. They will teach you how to bring the best side of yourself to light in an interview. Once you have all of this knowledge you will have a one-on-one interview with a hiring manager in the field you wish to be in. Career Reform has contacts and relationships with employers and they will find the right person for you to interview with to either get an internship/job or at least gain as much experience as possible. Jean brought in the Director of Engineering from a local company and we had a formal interview. The interview was great but being able to talk with the interviewer after to get feedback and pointers is where the real help came in. You can have twenty mock interviews from people, but if you don’t get quality feedback they aren’t nearly as helpful.


Lastly, the end game: getting a job. I would not have the full time position as an Applications Engineer with the company I work for without Jean and the Adopt a Grad program. Jean gave me the opportunity to submit my resume to one of her many contacts, but most of all she gave me the tools necessary to get the interview, perform well during the interview, and most importantly receive an offer for the internship. I was hired for the internship in January going into my last semester of college, and I was offered a full time position before I graduated.


I know this sounds like a sales pitch but this was my real experience with the program, Jean, and Career Reform. I had an amazing experience and learned things that not only helped me get me where I am today but will help me grow and succeed in the future. The best part of this entire program is that they work one-on-one with you. They will do whatever it takes to get you where you want to be. I owe a great thanks to Jean and her team and I hope this helps you make your decision to put yourself a step ahead of your peers and ultimately your competition by working with Career Reform.


Thanks Matt for your kind words and we wish you all the best!


You can be next!


Read more success stories or watch videos from some of our proud You, Inc. business owners. Then, let’s talk!

The “Adopt a Grad” program was a great experience. I was made aware of the program through my personal experience with Jean, my professor for Principals and Methods of Interviewing. I was lucky enough to be a part of the program while in school; however, I continued with Jean and her team after I graduated. I worked with Jean and ended up getting an internship directly through her and a contact she had with a growing international manufacturer and distributor of fastening components.


The “Adopt a Grad” program starts with an online assessment of yourself and your true natural behaviors, known as the DISC Assessment. This assessment is what made me realize the type of position I truly belonged in. My results showed that even though I have the technical ability to hold a design engineer or manufacturing engineer role, I fit better in an applications engineer role where I deal with customers on a daily basis and every day is a new project. This assessment really did change the way I viewed not only myself but the way I thought about my career and what position would make me excited about going into work every day.



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