Passion and hard work drive success, and Be Your Hero, Inc. (BYOH) is passionate about helping young adults succeed. BYOH’s mission is to educate and empower students and young adults with the knowledge and tools necessary to pursue a fulfilling career journey. Put simply, we want today’s young adults to be prepared when they make one of the most difficult transitions in life – going from education to employment. 
We like to believe that we’re directly contributing to the global effort of conquering the talent shortage, one budding professional at a time. Did you know that 43 percent of employers say that the talent shortage is directly impacting productivity and retention? Not to mention, the most common reason employers struggle to fill jobs is because candidates don’t have the technical competencies required. If leaders don’t change their talent acquisition strategies—and fast—fields in high demand, such as engineering and sales, will suffer as a result. That’s why we feel so strongly about this cause.
Here are some more staggering statistics on our future workforce:
  • 2 million high school students drop out each year – that’s more than the population of San Diego! BYOH wants to change that. Without the proper education and training, there are more and more people each year struggling to find good jobs. BYOH is interested in bringing jobs to students, not students to jobs.
  • Of those who do graduate from high school, 57% are not prepared for college.
  • 8% of college graduates are unemployed, the highest since 1970.
  • One of most common reasons employers struggle to fill jobs is because of the lack of available applicants and misaligned candidate expectations.
  • Social media networks have become the top source for quality hires, increasing 57% over the past 4 years? Although this is great news for the young people who use social media daily, they still don’t have the knowledge and experience needed to fill these positions.
  • 25% of employers have invested in outside talent sourcing to recruit more untapped talent pools? Investing in your people is one of the greatest decisions a business could make, but finding great talent has now become harder than ever.

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